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Chris Evers in Signals. Peter Robbins presents UAPs The Global Perspective, Sacha Christie presents Citizen Sane, Alyson Dunlop Shanes presents The AD-X Files, Kathy Tierney Cogliano shares Tales of an Experiencer, Russ Callaghan presents a new show UFO RUSS, Bryn Thomas and Karl Serveld present The Para-Verse Podcast, David Young offers Strange Visions and Ronald and Philip Kinsella go Beyond the Veil and Juliette W. Gregson hosts The Merrick Files

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IN ISSUE 40 of OLM, available from 1 DCTOBER 2022:

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In The upcoming Issue… We examine the finding of the Calvine UFO photograph said by Nick Pope to be one of the "best EVER images" of a purported UAP/UFO taken!  We are grateful to Dr David Clarke for the articles and information re the Calvine image, which we share with you this issue. We give the latest update which is kindly provided by veteran researcher Russ Callaghan who worked closely with David in the preparation of the new update. It provides the latest information to the questions surrounding the two so called hikers, and who they may be, and what they may have been doing in the Calvine area on that day over thirty years ago. OLM is grateful to both Russ and David for trusting us with the new information.

We include, also by Dr Clarke and colleague Andy Roberts a look at the Alex Birch claims surrounding his image of 'flying saucers' taken in the 1960s.

Alex Birch whose photographs of UFOs puzzled experts on both sides of the Atlantic has released a film about his experiences – that he claims included meetings with the British royal family and a phone conversation with JFK.

In Beyond Perception (FOLLOW THIS LINK TO VIEW) Sheffield-born Alex says he attended private meetings with Prince Philip, who died age 99 in 2021 and Lord Mountbatten of Burma who asked the then 14-year-old Alex to call him Dickie. Both men were known for their fascination with the UFO mystery at that time.

And theres more including Big Cat reports, Haunted locations and a look at some of the UKs female ufologists.
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IThe OLM 2023 Conference plans are coming together, we have now announced the proposed speakers for this our 5th event. for more information do check the conference section. this will be updated on a regular basis from January 2023, so please keep popping back to be kept informed of the latest information.


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