Paranormal Panorama (coming from November 2021)

We spent a wonderful time on 24th September on the UKs east coast and edge of reality coastline talking with my good friend and colleague Paul Sinclair discussing just some of the unusual events this area is known for...

Paranormal Panorama is coming soon, in November 2021

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Issue 34 Our 1 OCTOBER 2021 release is NOW AVAILABLE featuring: A "Crop Circle Road Trip" by Richard Rokeby, We take a look at the different insignia found on our visitors craft with Robert Spearing's article "Insignia in UFO Cases", Big Cat cases are on the rise it appears, we catch up with recent sightings and we take another look at Kenneth Arnolds UFO sighting, some say he witnessed a captured WWII Nazi Jet fighter known as the Horton H229... JOIN US and SUBSCRIBE NOW...

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Join us on our NEW YouTube Channel. Featuring a newly posted 39 minute documentary An examination, considering the historical circumstances going back over 100 years that led to the Pentagons recent release of a situation report regarding UAP’s on June 25th, 2021, by the US Government. This analysis contains relevant information for those that may be unfamiliar with previous unsuccessful historical attempts to deliver this information into the public domain, LINK TO NEW DOCUMENTARY HERE

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