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IN ISSUE 38 of OLM, relesed 1 JUNE 2022:
A Group Close Encounter - A UFO Landing in Wales, February 1997 by Philip Mantle examines Sacha Christie's enigmatic encounter on a family holiday, “It was about 7-7.30 pm on Saturday night. I was upstairs in the bedroom, I had my bag on the bed in front of me, I was taking things out of it to go have a nice relaxing bath in the overly pink bathroom when I heard Steve calling my name urgently. Because the children were loud and shouting, I thought something was up, so I ran downstairs to find the children just playing, Steve was poking his head into the kitchen doorway from outside saying "come here quick", he said something else but that is what I remember. So, i went outside with him and we walked over to the wall by the outhouses, and he pointed at the sky and said, "look there are some lights in the distance" READ THE REST IN THE LATEST ISSUE.
THE GREY FILE By Earl Grey ‘Abduction in The High Desert’, Our new contributor Earl Grey takes us back to an investigation he undertook in the early 1990s. Earl says: I few years back I interviewed a gentleman, who, with his wife, and three children, experienced 8 hours of missing time, in the high desert of Southern California, outside of the Palmdale desert. Here's what he told me, documented in MUFON Case File: CMS75071. This was back in 1992. They were driving through the desert, back home, to Bakersfield. The incident happened near Edwards AFB, 11:00 at night... The husband had to pull over to relieve his bladder, then stood there to admire the night sky. He had noticed a few unnaturally bright stars in the sky, which were in a pattern he'd never noticed before... READ WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LATEST ISSUE
A Cause for Conspiracy by Philip Kinsella “research into Near Death Experience, (NDE) appears to confirm some form of conscious survival beyond the known laws of time and space. Afterlife researchers such as Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Raymond Moody have concluded within their dedicated material that what we term as the ‘soul’ appears to transcend beyond this reality, and something which has been proven time and again.” READ PHILIPS INSPIRING ARTICLE IN THE JUNE ISSUE
Pentyrch A Difference of Opinions by Mike Maunder & Emlyn Williams. OLM has covered this incident on and off for a number of years. The last time being issue 36, beginning page 76. Claims were made in this article by its author Gari Jones. Upon reading these claims OLM felt it was only fair and right that a right of response was given to Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder, after they asked OLM for that right to do so themselves. This is that response. DO NOTE OLM DOES NOT WISH TO BECOME INVOLVED IN A DEBATE AND WILL NOT COVER THIS INCIDENT AGAIN, WITH ARTICLES FROM ANY INVOLVED WITH WHAT AS BECOME A CONTENTIOUS AND ONGOING ARGUMENT. We do think that if you cannot agree to disagree then do not say anything at all…
Magick Stones By Michael Seabrook Michael Persinger's work has demonstrated that electromagnetic fields change processes in the brain, whereby certain mystic or visionary experiences are created. The ancients may have been aware of this fact and used the magnetic properties of stones and the electromagnetic fields in places (Earth’s grid) to achieve that effect. READ MORE IN THE JUNE ISSUE
The Reedy Men of Washington - The Curious Case of Jim Wise by Ronald Kinsella. Ronald examines a curious case of reed or matchstick like men in Washington USA. “A UPS driver by the name of Jim Wise worked within the state of Washington, D.C, delivering parcels in and around the capital city and slipping into the monotony of a job that provided a stable income. The position appeared straightforward, with Jim having reached a number of months into his role, when a very bizarre incident took place and one of which he cannot, to this day, shake. Even contemplating it to have perhaps been a prank, this assumption can be dispelled when we actually see what transpired and of the consequences of his observation. SUBSCRIBE NOW TO REA
The Miracle Mountains Schoolyard Encounter By Mindy Tautfest, Mindy is an up and coming MUFON investigator. MUFON - Mutual UFO Network recently uncovered another major schoolyard encounter which has remained completely unknown by even the greatest UFO researchers until now. MUFON Case # 116768 took place during the Fall of 1975 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. An old coal mining town, the city is located in southeastern Oklahoma amid the northern reaches of Choctaw Nation territory where tall oak and hickory trees cover the rolling foothills of the Ozarks. In July of 2021, MUFON was contacted by a former student named Randy who lived at the school with his younger brother for a few months during the 1975 school year. Although they had long since lost touch with their classmates, the brothers vividly remembered the amazing close encounter they shared so many years ago. AVAILABLE FOR SUBSCRIBERS TO READ FROM JUNE 1
A Higher Plane by Richard Rokeby “10 am and Pilot A and B are carrying out their in-flight checks and scanning the sky. Pilot B becomes aware of a glint on the horizon. The unidentified object is below their position and it's moving at high speed towards them. Within seconds both pilots see a craft flying over the top of their airplane and get a split-second view of the underneath of this strange craft. Richard examines this curious event in the JUNE 1 ISSUE of OLM
Young Rabbits drained of Blood by Jose Bouillon A disturbing account of possible, animal mutilation from France.
Aliens, the Dead & the Eternal Mind of Creation by Philip Kinsella A second article by Philip in this issue.
The OLM 2022 Conference - A Fourth Encounter (review) by Kathy Tierney Cogliano. Kathy gives her thoughts on our recent long delayed event here in Hull…
A polite reminder of the World UFO Day 2022 in July. Book reviews, and more SUBSCRIBE NOW to get your copy, knowing that any funds raised will help fund the 2023 conference.

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