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Philip A. Kinsella

We’ve all heard about UFOs and the annoying term ‘Little Green Men.’  When I had my first sighting of a UFO as a youngster, I was not satisfied with the level of attention which had been afforded this puzzling enigma.  To my mind, the main-stream media was on a mission to discredit people’s experiences as nothing more than sensationalism, hoaxes, or the product of a warped mind!  No one took the subject seriously enough; and this is how ‘The System’ likes it! 

Taking a closer look at the phenomena clearly shows that we are dealing with more than your average nuts-and-bolts construct, and that a carefully designed plan by higher echelons within our society is sabotaging researcher’s efforts in getting to the truth. 

In the days of old, it was fashionable for anyone remotely interested in UFOs to dream of a craft landing and humanoid beings contacting humans.  Such was our understanding that aliens would come to those whose interests were less amicable where money and fame are so prevalent among many. 

However, this wonderful vision was shattered as I grew older and started to investigate the reality of the UFO problem.  This was all due, in part, to a horrific experience I’d had in the winter of 1989 and of which is known as an ‘alien abduction.’

For this article, I will not go into detail with regards to that episode, because I wanted to draw parallels with what I believe we are dealing with here when it comes to the UFO abduction phenomena.  The romanticised version I had since childhood has since been shattered, and a new reality of what I believe the Greys represent has come to light. 

This was due, in part, to a ‘download’ I’d experienced in 1996, and of which I had discussed in length in my book ‘A Passage Through Eternity: The Enigma of the Dead, UFOs & Aliens.’  Our concept of ‘Visitors’ may have to be drastically altered if we are to gain any understanding as to what we are dealing with on a conscious level.

During the 40’s,50’s and 60’s, UFO encounters were experienced on a very physical level of reality.  If we take one such famous case like the ‘Betty & Barny Hill’ UFO report which occurred in New Hampshire, USA in 1961, clearly illustrates a corporal viewing of a craft, along with men standing beside a roadblock. 

Yet, the dream-like quality of their abduction started to surface through constant nightmares because of the missing two hours from their journey home while on vacation.  The first researcher on the case was the famous author John G Fuller who documented the encounter in his book ‘Interrupted Journey.’  What’s interesting is why such experiences are seemingly blocked from human memory. 

Another point in question is why it appears the Visitors have upped their abduction program and integrated a very different kind of contact altogether?  Indeed, the evidence at hand sniffs suspect as to what the famous Greys are and what they may represent.  Our notion that such creatures are physical in nature must surely be challenged by the evidence presented.

Let’s look at an abduction:  firstly, we know that the individual has no memory of the entire encounter.  Perhaps fragmented memories, along with physical/emotional trauma is experienced directly after the abduction itself, and that the abductee is left to try and piece the parts to their frightening ordeal into some coherent picture. 

However, it is evident that the encounter cannot be fully understood unless a qualified hypnotherapist is sought to try and uncover the layers that have been deliberately supressed into the labyrinth of the subconscious mind.  Firstly, the Greys, which have been so famously integrated into the Hollywood media, are able to control the abductee as easily as a hypnotist is with their subject; providing the individual’s mind is compatible with this type of conscious control.

One of the many questions we must ask is why such memories are deliberately fragmented within areas of the subconscious mind by the Greys.  The way an abduction is initiated will reveal that the key elements which 

support the hypothesis for physical interaction has, seemingly, changed over time, along with the revelation that we are, perhaps, dealing with spectres who are not what we once theorised as creatures from another planet.  Their modus-operandi sniffs suspect as to their true origins and real intentions.

We have heard of the hybridisation program which the Greys themselves employ.  Dr David Jacobs who has researched this area has speculated that, perhaps, the Greys are walking among us, and that their intentions are for a silent war where they will, eventually, take our world for their own.  His idea centres around the premise that subtle integration with a new species will eventually see to the extinction of Mankind as we know it. 

Of course, we must be open to speculation.  However, I believe there is a much larger picture which will require us to think outside the box.  After meeting with the good doctor in the USA, I am certain there are different factions of ‘Greys’ – just as we have with humans. 

Let’s look at a typical abduction and consider the hypothesis that we are indeed dealing with interdimensional beings; as opposed to the very physical creatures we imagine them to be. 

Firstly, most abductees find themselves frozen in their beds with several Greys present around them.  These spectres can control their subjects through mind control.  Indeed, on various occasions, the Greys have been seen holding wands which they tap on the head of the abductee.  Although rare, it is agreed by many researchers that the Greys do all their communication through their large, wrap-around eyes.  Once they have their subject under power, the abductee is usually lifted through the house and into an awaiting craft.  Firstly, we must consider this amazing feat with regards to transporting a physical, human body through either walls or doors in the first instance. 

Once onboard the craft, the abductee is usually restrained and watches, horrified, as the Greys begin to perform some type of intrusive medical procedure. 

These can be very traumatic for the victim – especially where human males are concerned.  We have heard about the anal-probe which has been met with such mockery on social media.  May I remind the reader that any form of rape is not to be sneered at. 

When someone goes through such harrowing procedures, I doubt whether the unbelieving would be laughing!  Indeed, the operation is induced with a lack of total empathy on the Greys’ part. 

They seem to be very good at understanding how the human mind works, but less about what we as humans represent on an empathic nature.  The Greys seem to be devoid of the very attributes which make us human.  I believe, as sentient beings, we hold something which the Greys themselves are devoid of – a soul! 

There have been remarkable occasions where even a dead relative of the abductee is brought into the room, and it is believed this is done to calm the subject; or at least deflect their attention away from what the Greys are up to. 

We are also of the understanding that the Greys are intent in creating hybrids.  Within many cases which have been well documented by researchers worldwide, the Greys are committed in impregnating a human female with a human male/Grey enzyme which brings on accelerated pregnancy which the female will carry for at least three months before the Greys remove the foetus and returns it to an incubator upon their craft where it will carry on its cycle of gestation. 

There is indeed a need for the Greys to use a female as the main incubator in the first instance, and we shall consider this fact most carefully; as I believe this holds the key as to what the Greys are up to within their convert operations.

Another key to all of this is how the abduction seems to mirror the Near-Death Experience which has been well documented by thousands of people, along with the medical establishment.  A Near-Death Experience (NDE for short), is when a person finds themselves temporarily removed from their physical body through some type of trauma and their etheric body, (the soul), detaches from its physical counterpart. 

Within such states, the individual normally feels a sense of universal understanding and commonly reports going down a tunnel towards a bright light.  Within this light, the individual’s deceased relatives or a religious figure awaits them and imparts information via telepathy.  In all accounts, the individual is told that they still have work to do on the Earth and are send back from the light, much to their despair! 

It is believed that the human soul when ending its life cycle returns to Source where their entire life experience is amalgamated with other past-life memories, making the returning soul aware of its sojourn and the importance of such difficult missions it has undertaken within a multitude of incarnations. 

Once returned from this empirical state, there is normally a complete change within their outlook on life; understanding that we are all unique and have purpose.  We must to take into consideration the enormous complexity of what we represent on a spiritual level.  Why else have we, as humans, been afforded the luxury of being able to consciously progress; whereas all other forms of nature on this planet operate within limited boundaries, thus stagnating their conscious development as a species!  Therefore, it would be folly to assume that we are merely a fluke of nature; but, rather, an impressive creation by forces still yet to be understood.          

The alien abduction works more along these same lines as an NDE.  However, such experiences are anything but enlightening! 

I believe that the soul of the abductee is temporarily extracted by the Greys themselves, bringing it into their field of vibration.  Although the soul is still attached to its physical body, anything the Greys do to the etheric body will affect its corporeal self.  Are not healers able to change the energy-field within a person when practicing their gifts?  Science is beginning to accept that consciousness/energy can shape the very world we live in – just by thought!  So, what does this then make the Greys?  And why are they intent in carrying out this hybridisation program of theirs?  I believe it has something to do with the soul.

We understand that the Greys themselves appear like robots.  However, I do not believe that a highly advanced species would employ automatons to do complex procedures with regards to reproduction.  If, as many agree, the Greys are clones, then this may explain why they are intent in creating human/alien hybrids in the first instance.  Let’s take an example:  Say I cloned you a million times.  You, being the original blueprint, have come into this world – and many others – through a process of incarnation/reincarnation.  Your soul is unique; in the sense that it has lowered its field-frequency of awareness through the natural passage of conception to bring you here.  Your life journey is nothing less than a complete recording of your experiences in whatever form which we take back with us to the Other Side – or Heaven for want of a better word.  And let’s not forget that you may have gone through eons of life experiences, as well as those in Heaven.  Your soul is the sum of what you represent on a spiritual level of reality.  What, then, of your clones?  Once gestated, they will only have the memory of one single life – no past lives, no future ones!  They may well have a small spark of your blueprint, but not enough to get them safe passage back to the Other Side when physical death occurs.  Could it be possible that these sparks of the cloned souls have gravitated outside the laws of Creation; generating some form of spiritual limbo state?  The Greys have found a world which can reproduce – perhaps a saviour for themselves in wanting back in the loop of Creation itself.  As spectres, they come in the guise of aliens, ready to abduct their principle candidate to further their secret hybridisation project.  What I believe is happening is that the Greys are wanting to execute a physical re-birthing cycle in the hope that through their gestation period within the female/human womb will give them safe passage back to where their original copies have returned.  As cloned souls themselves, it would appear they are trying to replicate an understanding of love, taste, smell, memories along with a whole host of human attributes they themselves do not possess, and which they are devoid.  Thus, their robotic nature may be a tell-tale sign as to why they yearn to understand what it’s like to be human.  Within all the cases, it is evident that the Greys are searching for something in us which they find unique.

The Greys have upped their abduction program to a higher level of deception because there are simply too many humans on the planet now.  In the days of old, remote areas were ideal for such contact.  Technology has increased to the level where such beings, along with their crafts, can be documented in seconds!  As a hive/mind consciousness, they can project themselves into our field of reality by way of thought.  The UFO is merely a stationary point whereby they can interact with us just outside the field of time and space.  This may explain why many abductees lose time and cannot account for memory recall of the incident itself.  Astronauts who have gone into space have also reported such experiences.

Reincarnation is an important part of soul development; in as much as we would learn very little if we were only to experience one single incarnation.  I believe the Greys are outside the loop completely.  Cloning has seen to their spiritual downfall, and it might be wise for us as a human race to consider the ramifications involved when creating clones for war, and so on.

Although the Greys appear as spectres in the night, they have mastered the art of deception.  As a species we might also consider that such intelligences, (whatever shape or form they appear as), are rife within not only this universe, but multitudes of dimensions which operate outside our field of perception.  This may remind us as to why the Greys wish to remain anonymous; in the sense that we could defend ourselves from their nightly intrusions.  It is also conceivable that the Secret Military Industrial Complex may have had contact with these dimensional beings and are working with them to further their own study of consciousness and the alternate worlds they may be able to access through exotic technologies of the mind.

So, in short, this is where I feel my investigations are heading.  Although there may be many arguments with regards to its legitimacy, we must think outside the box to construct a theoretical model for debate.  The Greys have lost themselves through the art of cloning, and their soul-signatures are too weak to connect with the Godhead.  Our spiritual heritage is what’s at stake if we ourselves clone humans.  By then, it may be too late!


(C) Philip Kinsella 2018. not to be used without prior consent of the author.

Bedford, England

‘A Passage Through Eternity: The Enigma of the Dead, UFOs and Aliens’ available from Amazon.

Oh! Oh! ARGHH!...
Tis' the season to be spooked!

Not so long ago,  families would gather together on the Eve of Christmas Day and sit around their fireplaces sharing tales. Not tales of red nosed reindeer and elves, but of hauntings, murder and all things grizzly. 

Although mostly forgotten now, not too long ago it used to be normal for families and friends to gather on Christmas Eve to tell frightening ghost stories as a way to celebrate the up coming holiday time. Not all things about the oldeVictorian Christmas traditions, were sweetness and happiness…

Oscar Wildes “The Canterville Ghost” (published 1887) comes to mind, but perhaps Charles Dickens leads the way with the definitive “A Christmas Carol”, perhaps the most famous Christmas ghost story ever. Dickens published the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in 1843. But interestingly the Christmas season is full of pagan traditions dating back centuries, if not millennia.

For example, Families still decorate their homes with holly and ivy and other evergreen leaves to ward of evil spirits and ghosts, although many do not realise the significance of such decorations.

Holly, Ivy and other greenery such as Mistletoe were originally used in pre-Christian times to help celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival and ward off evil spirits and to celebrate new growth. When Christianity came into Western Europe, some people wanted to keep the greenery, to give it Christian meanings but also to ban the use of it to decorate homes.

Britain and Germany were the main countries to keep the use of the greenery as decorations.

Here are the Christian meanings: The prickly leaves of the holly represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries are the drops of blood that were shed by Jesus because of the thorns.  In Scandinavia it is known as the Christ Thorn.

In pagan times, Holly was thought to be a male plant and Ivy a female plant. An old tradition from the Midlands of England says that whatever one was brought into the house first over the winter period, tells you whether the man or woman of the house would rule that year! But it was unlucky to bring either into a house before Christmas Eve.


Ivy, has to cling to something to support itself as it grows. This reminds us that we need to cling to God for support in our lives. In Germany, it is traditional that Ivy is only used outside and a piece tied to the outside of a Church was supposed to protect it from lightning strikes!

In the UK, before Christmas Trees became popular and dating back to the middle ages, another popular form of Christmas/mid winter decoration was the Kissing Bough or Bunch. These were made of five wooden hoops that made the shape of a ball (four hoops vertical to form the ball and then the fifth horizontal to go around the middle). The hoops were covered with Holly, Ivy, Rosemary, Bay, Fir or other evergreen plants.

Inside the hoops were hung red apples (often hung from red ribbons) and a candle was either put inside the ball at the bottom or round the horizontal hoop. The bough was finished by hanging a large bunch of mistletoe from the bottom of the ball. (For a simpler bough you could also just have a horizontal hoop decorated and hung with apples and the mistletoe.)


As previously mentioned tales of horror were once common place in past times.

“Whenever five or six English speaking people meet round a fire on Christmas Eve, they start telling each other ghost stories” wrote British humourist Jerome K. Jerome as a part of his introduction to an anthology of ghost stories titled “Told After Supper” in 1891. “Nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve  but to hear each other tell authentic anecdotes about spectres”.


Dickens ghost of Christmas present, is very similar to the person today we know as Santa Claus, Father Christmas or Saint Nick. As can be seen in this image he wears a white trimmed green jacket, although some illustrators show him with a red jacket and white fur trim. Interestingly he dons a crown of holly thorns these perhaps denoting the pagan celebrations turned in to and surrounding the festival of Christmas.


In his first full-length novel, The Pickwick Papers (1836-37), Charles Dickens introduces readers to the Christmas traditions prevalent in his youth.

Our host, Mr. Wardle, informs the Pickwickian crowd, “[o]ur invariable custom [is to have everyone sit] down with us on Christmas Eve, as you see them now—servants and all; and here we wait, until the clock strikes twelve, to usher Christmas in, and beguile the time with forfeits and old stories.”

Wardle then proceeds to tell “the story about the goblins that carried away old Gabriel Grub” on Christmas Eve. Only two short chapters in length, Dickens’s tableau of Pickwickian seated around the fire sharing ghost stories on a snowy Christmas Eve encapsulates the complex relationship that exists between the Victorian ghost story, and its Gothic predecessor.


Interestingly though Dickens  may be described as the one author to bring Christmas ghost stories to the fore it really befalls to  medievalist scholar and Provost of King’s College Cambridge (1905-1918) and of Eton College (1918-1936), Montague Rhodes James, who penned several stories in the early turn of the 20th century. These stories were later adapted for the BBC and were broadcast over the Christmas holiday period.

Edwardian Tales


M.R. James’ peerlessly unpleasant stories, written and published in Edwardian times, are considered the ultimate Christmas ghost tales by many. Published in a series of collections: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904), More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1911), A Thin Ghost and Others (1919), and A Warning to the Curious and Other Ghost Stories (1925). The first hardback collected edition appeared in 1931. Many of the tales were written as Christmas Eve entertainments and read aloud to friends. This idea was used by the BBC in 2000 when they filmed Christopher Lee reading James's stories in a candle-lit room in King's College.

James perfected a method of story-telling which has since become known as Jamesian. The classic Jamesian tale usually includes the following elements:

a characterful setting in an English village, seaside town or country estate; an ancient town in France, Denmark or Sweden; or a venerable abbey or university a nondescript and rather naive gentleman-scholar as protagonist (often of a reserved nature) the discovery of an old book or other antiquarian object that somehow unlocks, or calls down the wrath, or at least attracts the unwelcome attention of a supernatural menace, usually from beyond the grave.


According to James, the story must "put the reader into the position of saying to himself, 'If I'm not very careful, something of this kind may happen to me!'" He also perfected the technique of narrating supernatural events through implication and suggestion, letting his reader fill in the blanks, and focusing on the mundane details of his settings and characters in order to throw the horrific and bizarre elements into greater relief. He summed up his approach in his foreword to the anthology Ghosts and Marvels: "Two ingredients most valuable in the concocting of a ghost story are, to me, the atmosphere and the nicely managed crescendo. ... Let us, then, be introduced to the actors in a placid way; let us see them going about their ordinary business, undisturbed by forebodings, pleased with their surroundings; and into this calm environment let the ominous thing put out its head, unobtrusively at first, and then more insistently, until it holds the stage."


He also noted: "Another requisite, in my opinion, is that the ghost should be malevolent or odious: amiable and helpful apparitions are all very well in fairy tales or in local legends, but I have no use for them in a fictitious ghost story."

And perhaps the most intimate of these shivers comes in “Casting the Runes” (1911), in which the unlucky protagonist, woken in the night, reaches under his pillow for his watch, only for his questing hand to encounter “a mouth, with teeth, and with hair about it, and, he declares, not the mouth of a human being”. 


That readers in the iPad age should still be so horrified by these tales of haunted Edwardian bibliophiles, antebellum Oxbridge dons and ghoulish local revenants would doubtless have come as a surprise to their author. Montague Rhodes James, for he was much admired in his lifetime, but more for his extensive work on biblical apocrypha and catalogues of medieval manuscripts than for his experiments in supernatural fiction. His ghost stories were designed as pleasant trifles, and mostly composed at lightning speed on Christmas evenings between 1892 and 1935 for a coterie of colleagues, friends and choirboys at King’s. Their author quoted with approval the comment of the fat boy in The Pickwick Papers, who ghoulishly advertised that “I wants to make your flesh creep.”


Although they share densely imagined roots in local and national history and geography, the stories did not, as James wrote in the introduction to his first collection, “make any very exalted claim. If any of them succeed in causing their readers to feel pleasantly uncomfortable while walking along a solitary road at nightfall, or sitting over a dying fire in the small hours, my purpose in writing them will have been attained.”


The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) took the tradition and brought it to the masses.

A Ghost Story for Christmas is a strand of annual British short television films originally broadcast on BBC One between 1971 and 1978, and revived in 2005 on BBC Four. With one exception, the original instalments were directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark and the films were all shot on 16 mm colour film.  The remit behind the series was to provide a television adaptation of a classic ghost story, in line with the oral tradition of telling supernatural tales at Christmas.


Each instalment is a separate adaptation of a short story, ranges between 30 and 50 minutes in duration, and features well-known British actors such as Clive Swift, Robert Hardy, Peter Vaughan, Edward Petherbridge and Denholm Elliott. The first five are adaptations of ghost stories by M. R. James, the sixth is based on a short story by Charles Dickens, and the two final instalments are original screenplays by Clive Exton and John Bowen respectively. The stories were titled A Ghost Story for Christmas in listings such as the Radio Times, although this never appeared on screen, where they were regarded as individual films.


An earlier black-and-white adaptation of M. R. James's Whistle and I'll Come to You, directed by Jonathan Miller and shown as part of the series Omnibus in 1968, is often cited as an influence upon the production of the films, and is sometimes included as part of the series. The series was revived by the BBC in 2005 with a new set of adaptations that were produced intermittently over the next few years. 

In an interview in 1995 Lawrence Gordon Clark stated that the stories "focus on suggestion. The aim, they say, is to chill rather than shock. Partly because television is not best suited to carrying off big-screen pyrotechnics, but mainly because they want to keep faith with the notion of a ghost story in its literary rather than cinematic tradition."


Helen Wheatley notes that the best adaptations maintain the stories' "sense of decorum and restraint, ... withholding the full revelation of the supernatural until the very last moment, and centring on the suggestion of a ghostly presence rather than the horror of visceral excess and abjection."

Lawrence Gordon Clark, though seems to have it the nail on the head, so to speak.  How does TV win in the fight to frighten, and cause chills running up and down the spine, when they have to complete with Hollywood productions.


The age of the Friday the 13th,  The Babbadook, and The Blair Witch Report, seem to have crushed to death the traditional style of ghost story.

Or do the tales and movies from the 1930s, such as Frankenstein, The Wolf man and Dracula still reign supreme in the stakes of Horror. Do they still scare or have they become a relic of a long forgotten style of story telling or has Jason taken over?

Let us know, what do you think?

Email: theouterlimitsmag@gmail.com 

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